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It may seem odd to title this page Reviews when the comments below are about me and not the weekly content from Blue Collar Business.  However, BCBS is me.  The content each week is my advice based on my experience.   With that in mind, I've listed comments from a few people I've worked with in one form or another over the last few decades.  Who better to tell you whether or not I know what I'm talking about than all these people?

To me, Julian represents the best of what is possible in a businessperson. Julian authentically cares about the people he works with and clients he works for, and he cares about delivering great work product – so he covers all of the cultural and commercial elements one could ever hope for in a leader. He has also started, run and scaled teams and businesses, giving him insights into all elements of a business’ life cycle. Technically Julian was a client of mine. But, truthfully, I think I learned more from him than he presumably ever did from me.

Travis Carson - Founder - Market Force Global, Co-Author - Diamond Goldfish

There are few people with whom I’ve had an opportunity to work with who bring to bear the breadth and depth of all aspects of the business — from operations, to sales, to delivery and beyond. Julian is admired and known for his unapologetic commitment to customer success, his ability to understand and articulate everything from the smallest but most critical of project details, to championing the enterprise's vision, goals and strategies. Julian is as comfortable launching and scaling startups as he is leading global teams and operations in large organizations. Most important, Julian is someone who cares deeply about his team, their development and the culture they experience. I’m a big fan of Julian and would welcome the opportunity to work with him again!

Craig Robinson - Former CEO - Newmark Knight Frank, Board Member - Harvard Business School Club of New York

Julian is an absolute rockstar to work with. I've had the pleasure of reporting to Julian and then working along side him for 3+ years through good times and bad. A few things that distinguish Julian:

Care - Julian cares about his team and co-workers. He always is the first person to have a 1:1 chat with a person who could use a good pick me up or a pat on the back. These personal interactions are what make people loyal to him and helps motivate his teams.
Gets things done - Julian won't sit around and weigh the options for a week. He makes decisions with whatever information is at hand (often imperfect info due to the speed of the companies operations) and isn't afraid to jump in the deep end to get it done.
Blue collar mentality - Julian has held every job in the book and that means he can empathize with anyone, especially core users of your services or applications where it would take another person a decade to get in their shoes. No matter the job - Julian has respect for hard working dedicated folks.
If you asked me 100 times if I would work with/for/alongside Julian, you would get 100 "absolutely yes" answers.

Brian Rosenberg - Product @ Facebook

Julian has intrinsic leadership qualities that inspire and motivateteams. His empathic approach empowers others, fosters learning,and cultivates fantastic work cultures. Combine that with his depth ofindustry knowledge and strategic planning, Julian is instrumental inturning ideas into real-world success across industries.

Matthew Gotterer - Associate Director - Gardiner & Theobald, LLP

The combination of exceptional client engagement skills, business acumen, and operational vision make Julian an invaluable organizational leader and individual mentor. His experience allows him to establish strong client relationships and serve as a Trusted Advisor in both good and challenging situations. Having worked closely with him for a couple of years he always out performs by being ambitious, prepared, communicating clearly, decisiveness, and most importantly - listening. He's helped shape my perspective and approach to professional services. He puts his team first, provides constructive feedback, and never takes credit for himself. He is an essential cornerstone to any client facing organization.

Nicolas Rader - Former Global Head of Design - WeWork

I’ve had the distinct pleasure of working with Julian within two companies over the last 6 years and I have the deepest respect for his integrity, leadership, and ability to execute in any situation. He approaches problems with an innovative practicality and solid business judgement, deals with any situation in a straight-forward manner and always has an eye on making sure people - customers or colleagues - have a fair deal. He is a thoughtful leader that encourages and supports growth for his people and knows how to find innovative ways to create revenue producing and/or cost-saving ways to get things done. Julian is a consummate professional with an eye on efficient process, bottom-line fundamentals and getting any job done.

Matt Sena - VP of Customer Success - Refersion

Julian is the kind of leader so many would love to have during their career. Reporting to him for nearly two years, he consistently challenged me, encouraged me and most of all was a great partner. I felt like I could be transparent and vulnerable because I knew I wouldn't be judged. I trusted Julian and in return he trusted me and as a result, he helped me grow as a leader and deliver results for our clients and company even amongst rapid changing conditions. Julian is a lifelong friend and leader and I'm grateful for our time working together.

Dave Rhoads - Director of Customer Success - Saltmine

Julian is basically a wizard in plain clothes. His knowledge runs broad and deep — across all facets of business — from the wiring in the walls to how to make an amazing video. You got the feeling he could do or learn just about anyone's job if he had the time. But instead, no matter how senior his role or how full his schedule, he seemed to have an intrinsic drive to help wherever he could, and he always greeted hard work with open arms and a killer sense of humor. It was a true pleasure working with him.

Aubree Munar - Content and UX Strategist

Julian is the best.

I left a corporate job to work with Julian at WeWork, in a new field (construction) & new environment (start-up). It was a different, face paced world and Julian made sure that I'd be set up for success.

He was easily able to break down concepts that were new to me ... All aspects of Construction management, P&L management, Team leadership, Business strategy ... into digestable bites. As much or as little as I wanted to eat at a time, Julian would teach. He'd let me pilot on my own, help me learn what worked and what could still be improved, and iterated.

Julian was an amazing boss, leader, and teacher. I look forward to being able to work with and learn from him again.

Chaz Crosse - Sr Director - CBRE|Host