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About Me... or Why You Should Care About My Advice

About Me... or Why You Should Care About My Advice

I've been there. I made the mistakes. Then, I fixed them and learned from the experience. You're here so you don't have to repeat my mistakes.

I want your business to succeed. It’s as simple as that.

So why the blue-collar thing?  The answer there is pretty simple too.  More than anything, blue-collar is a mentality.  A blue-collar business can be a plumbing company or a venture backed tech startup.  The product or service is irrelevant.  What matters is they get things done using real, honest, hard-working principles to become successful.

I’ve been working in a blue-collar world since I was 12. I know what it means to start, run, and sell (for profit) your kind of business. I’ve succeeded. I’ve failed. I know what it’s like to run your own shop and help lead a team following someone else’s vision. I’ve done all these things without forgetting my blue-collar roots. I know what it it is to work hard to make sure things get done the right way, at the right time, and for the right reasons.

Along my career journey, I received a lot of help from some very talented individuals.  Without each of them, I would not be where I am today.  And because of where I am today, I want to give back to my peers.  As I look at the resources available to the next group of entrepreneurs, I see a lot of advice on marketing and sales.  I see consultants offering assistance building business plans, and service offerings to make accounting easier to deal with.  I see courses on everything from general happiness to forensic accounting.  What I don’t see is anything that teaches a local barber how to run their business.

The advice you get from me isn’t MBA-style, corporate, overcomplicated and filled with buzzwords. The business trend of the month doesn’t move the needle for most people.  Hard work, alignment around a vision, strong morals, and grit are what makeup a successful blue-collar business person.  I’m offering you the advice I wish I had when I was starting out, when I was scaling, and when I was exiting.  You’ll get a view into what failed miserably and what worked spectacularly, and why each of those occurrences shaped the process I use today.

I believe the market must shape every successful product, and this project is no different.  On this website, I’m sharing stories from my career and the process that resulted from them in order to help you and your business. Each Friday, I’ll post a story on a new subject, and each Monday I’ll release a podcast featuring a story about someone else’s business.  Follow along to pick up tips, get advice, and learn how to take your business to the next level.

But because I am taking a product strategy with this project, I also need your feedback and input. I want to learn what information you will find the most useful. So, I’m hoping you’ll read and listen each week and send me an occasional email about what you think. Did you learn something new? Where their areas where you could use more detail?  Is there a topic you wish I would get to sooner?

Please join me in this project.  Together, we can improve the lives of blue-collar professionals all over the world, and hopefully inspire some of them to do the same.  I’m looking forward to it. I hope you are, too.

In his career, Julian Clayton has founded many of his own companies, including American Pipe Cleaning, Crescent Construction Services, and ToraLab. Clayton has been featured on and Engineering News Record, has contributed to numerous business publications, including The Purple Goldfish and When They Win, You Win, and has been a speaker at national business meetings such as NY Tech Meetup, Amex Business, AGC, Apple, and Cultivated Wit.